History of OBMC

1966-1970 - Other Montessori Children's Houses were established in Paco, Makati and Quezon City.

1969 - Dr. Soliven completed her AMI Elementary course for 6-12 yr. olds in Bergamo, Italy.

1970 - Grade School Level was opened in Paco, Manila.

1971 - Sta. Ana branch was established.

1973 - O.B. Montessori International in Taft Avenue was established to accommodate the increasing number of students.

1973 - Dasmariñas branch was established

1975 - The first branch outside Metro Manila was established in Angeles, Pampanga.

1976 - The Greenhills headquarters was put up.

1983 - The first Montessori Professional High School opened to meet the adolescent need for economic independence.

1995 - The O.B. Montessori College was put up.

1995 - The Maria Montessori Hall, an all-purpose hall at the heart of Greenhills was established.

1996 - Ristorante La Dolce Fontana was put up to serve as a hands-on laboratory for the Food Service majors of the O.B. Montessori Culinary Institute.

1998 - Las Piñas branch was opened.

1999 - Acquisition of Alfonso Farm.

2001 - Sta. Ana High School level was opened.

2002 - Mac Arthur branch in Angeles, Pampanga was opened.

2003 - Opening of the Sta. Ana Branch Terrace Cafe.

2004 - Ground Braking of the New O.B. Las Piñas Branch HS Building.

2005 - Opening of the New O.B. Las Piñas Branch HS Building

x contact.

OBMCI Headquarters
Telephone Numbers: 7229720 to 27
Fax Numbers: (632) 7212763

Sta. Ana Branch
Telephone Numbers: 5635356
Fax Numbers: (632) 5635360

Las Pinas Branch
Telephone Numbers: 8203011
Fax Numbers: (632) 8203012

Angeles Villa Gloria Branch
Telephone Numbers: 3225115
Fax Numbers: (6345) 8883996

Angeles Mac Arthur Highway Branch
Telephone Numbers: 3227956
Fax Numbers: (6345) 8876447

x curriculum.
grade school
high school

x enrollment.
enrollment procedure
enrollment form

Enrollment starts on
April 16 - May 5 for applicants whose surname begins with A-L

Enrollment starts on
May 7 - June 10 for applicants whose surname begins with M-Z

x thanks.
Mariz Morales

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